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Our Customers

Clients Who Love Our Work

Peazie help thousands of businesses acquire new customers with our powerful social marketing automation platform.

Celine Dickson
Nursery Brand Manager

Easily create, automate and measure engaging campaigns across your social media marketing channels.

Finbar Corrall
Public Relations Manager
AC Agency

Peazie helped us achieve our objective of engaging with our online community in a meaningful way, by getting our online customers into store, where we could offer them a VIP shopping experience and personalised customer service.

Hannah Busby
Marketing Assistant & Graphic Designer

I think today marketers are working harder than ever before – it's great to be able to partner with companies like Peazie who understand what needs to be done, and makes life a little easier.

Isaac O'Leary
Digital Marketing Manager
Sunbeam Australia

Peazie provided a cost-effective competition mechanic that was customizable and scalable. The team was a pleasure to deal with and understood the time pressures we under.

Pete Hong
Social Media & Content Strategist
The Story Lab

I love the way Peazie is able to think both strategically and creatively coming back with the right digital solution for my clients every time. It really is a testament to why they are the industry leader.

Melina Press
Direct Client Executive
Nova 100

What Makes Peazie Different?

Custom Campaign Solutions

Strategies and templates based on your unique business objectives, as part of our account setup.

Expert Social Media Advertising

Highly optimized ad creation & management by expert social media advertisers. 2x industry average CTR.

Dedicated Human

Dedicated Performance Manager for training & support. Work on a computer, don’t talk to one.

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