With the number of smartphone users forecast to reach 2.08 billion by the end of 2016, it’s no surprise that almost everything digital has become trackable; From a “like” on a Facebook page to an open of a subscription email. Data rules, and as a result the marketing world has seen an incredible shift.

We’ve gone from the spray and pray tactics of yesteryear, to targeted and sophisticated calls to action on an individual level. Instead of trying to capitalise on footfall, the focus has shifted to growing targeted digital communities.

Building engaged audiences on digital platforms has never been easier. However, integrating digital promotions with a brick and mortar store is still a huge concern for most modern B2C marketers.

While most of us know the importance of thriving digital communities, many also fail to address the huge disconnect between online and offline campaigns. So, here are a few ways to inspire you to connect online campaigns with your brick and mortar stores!


  1. Digital Vouchers In-store

Peazie know there’s an issue connecting online and offline campaigns and have come up with our own solution. This has recently resulted in the development of a new competition mechanic. One that incentivises smart device competition entries by offering in-store discount codes. Using this mechanic in conjunction with competition campaigns encourages footfall to brick and mortar stores, while also tracking which customers redeem their vouchers. See the recent write up about it here!


  1. Geo-location Triggers

No discussion around online-offline marketing would be complete without at least mentioning geo-location. There are tonnes of ways digital geo-location can improve marketing campaigns – from tracking consumer movement around a store and highlighting the area with the highest traffic, to triggering promotional messages when a customer is nearby, or even in a specific aisle. A great example of this is when Pizza Hut sent promotional messages to potential customers within half a mile of one of their locations. Fun fact, Pizza Hut reported the campaign was 2.6 times more effective than standard display ads.


  1. Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has been making waves in the marketing world. As a social platform, it’s no surprise the app has a keen focus on live events, but by far one of the most interesting functions for marketers is in Geofilters. Now, you can rent a specific location for a period of time, and use a custom Geofilter – a designed overlay added to snaps – to advertise your brand. As an advertising tool, the function is still in the early stages but highlights a giant leap forward in reconciling the divide between location-based campaigns with digital content. Learn more about it here!

There is so much interesting and super exciting innovation happening in this space right now. So we hope this post helps you sound smart(er) at parties! Good luck and don’t forget to keep up with the Peazie blog!