Database Growth

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Aren’t emails great? Never before have we had such a cost-effective way to communicate with our audiences so personally and at such high volume, yet never have we seen a communication channel so widely underutilised.

There are brands who have been growing their customer databases since the dawn of the digital age. Meanwhile, there are other established market forces who are just starting out, having only recently realised the power of the lowly email address. Whatever the size of your EDM-pire, Peazie is here to help and can tailor an end-to-end database growth strategy for brands and businesses of any size.

Regardless of your verticle, we’ve got data to tell you what works to increase both the depth AND breadth of your database. So if you want to learn more about your audience, or if you’re looking to triple its size, Peazie can help you devise and execute your strategy more efficiently than, well, pretty much anybody else actually.

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