Digital Coupons

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Some marketers love ’em, some hate ’em, but the fact is coupons work because Aussie consumers LOVE a deal. But does your business know what coupons work best? Do you know WHO is using them and HOW LONG it takes consumers to redeem them?

Peazie have taken the traditional marketing tactic of coupons and digitised them – and we’re helping businesses of all shapes and sizes drive optimal coupon uptake and redemption, grow usable customer data, and ultimately improve the efficacy of this tried and test marketing method.

Imagine if you could remind everyone that has possession of a coupon that they only had 3-days to use it? Imagine if you could provide an individual with a FREE drink with any meal purchase, but only if they gathered 5 friends together to redeem a happy meal at 20% off? Imagine if you could measure all this from one easy dashboard and improve results with every campaign? With Peazie, it’s easy.

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