Why Social Campaigns Are Essential - Tips & Ideas

Let’s talk digital marketing budgets. We know it’s a sensitive topic, but it’s time to get real. Is social media a waste of time or a (not-so) hidden gold mine?

Why should I pay attention to the social media environment?

Social media platforms have active and engaged users. Specifically, let’s look at Facebook:

  • 1.3 billion people on Facebook
  • 864 Million people use Facebook on a daily basis
  • 71% of all online adults are on Facebook
  • This means:
    • 46% of all internet users are on Facebook

    • 30% of all internet users visit Facebook each day

    So, people are there and they are engaging regularly. Can you say the same about billboards?

    How can I use Facebook intelligently to drive my marketing goals?

    First and foremost, run Facebook ads.

    23% of all website traffic is generated from Facebook. Woah, what? Nearly 1/12 of all people coming to my website are referred from Facebook in some way? That’s right. This is massive.

    Facebook ads trump the average click through rate (CTR) for display ads and all digital ad formats by 3.3 to 6 times. They have the potential to really perform when using expert resources who know how to increase those clicks. We see this for Facebook ads managed by our team at Peazie:

    When you go to people who know their stuff, the potential for average CTR can be:

    • 20.3x higher than all digital ads across all formats
    • 11x higher than display ads
    • 3.4x higher than other Facebook ads

    By using Facebook ads over other digital formats, you ultimately increase the amount of people going to your website or landing page. However, if you truly want to maximise performance, you should consider driving Facebook ads to social media campaigns within your Facebook page.

    Why should I drive this traffic to social media campaigns over my website?

    For starters, 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase. For these visitors with cold feet, websites have multiple goals: view products, contact company, request quote, etc. which often leads to no action at all. The ultimate irony. If visitors aren’t purchasing right away and they aren’t acting, there is a large missed opportunity for your brand. And it comes in the shape of 96%. You wouldn’t buy a new car and throw away 96% of it, would you?

    Alternatively, social media campaigns capture 100% of user attention on 1 clear goal: submitting their details. For the 96% of visitors who aren’t visiting to make a purchase, campaigns allow you to capture their details and nurture them to a sale.They turn a missed opportunity into a very valuable sales resource.


    Why should I use social media campaigns over landing pages?

    From analysing over 500 campaigns, we have seen that our Facebook campaigns convert 7.5x higher than industry landing pages. Should you prefer landing pages, it is still good to know that our landing pages convert 4x higher than industry landing pages.

    What should I remember when creating my marketing plan? 

    • Facebook ads get you more traffic
    • Facebook campaigns convert more of that traffic
    • You are left with a larger database of potential customers

    When assessing your digital marketing spend, Facebook should weigh-in as a top contender. The results speak for themselves: Facebook is queen of digital marketing.