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Driving traffic to your campaigns can often present a bit of a hurdle for many marketers out there. Come to think of it, can anyone recall a time when marketers haven’t faced significant uphill struggles while coping with small budgets?


But traffic isn’t everything, and we can overcome this hurdle. It’s something we’ve learned to deal with. Underfunding is almost always an issue and marketers are often the first team to be faced with cutbacks. After all, all modern marketing teams just sit on Facebook, send a few emails, give away a couple of awesome prizes, or throw events, right?


It’s unfortunate that marketing is consistently misunderstood, as it is so vital to growing a business.


Thankfully, recent trends show marketing teams are starting to get more traction, as a whopping 77% of businesses are set to increase their marketing budget in 2016.


However, if you’re not one of the lucky 77%, here are a few ways you can drive traffic to your campaigns even with a small budget!


Share fresh content


Creating and sharing fresh, exciting and valuable content regularly is a great way to drive traffic to both your blog and your campaigns.


Say something unique, engaging and shareable. Stay away from the aged thoughts and opinions that you and everyone else has already read time and time again.


Find a new, valuable position that is authentic and real for your brand. Give your audience a reason to engage.


Leverage your email list


Email might seem like an outdated tool with the advent of social media, but it offers a tremendous opportunity to nurture relationships.


Offering valuable content through regular contact with your email list can help nurture and build your community while encouraging them to visit your blogs and campaigns. It is an exceptional avenue for communication, providing you are not simply sending out spam.


With platforms like mailchimp, you can gain valuable insights into how your email marketing performs also. Information such as open rates, click rates, and even unsubscribe rates all gives you greater knowledge on whether what you are doing is working or not.


Activate your community


Over the past few years, social media has exploded. It has fundamentally changed how we communicate as a society and has levelled the playing field. Your social community is now the most powerful free resource for your brand, and many brands under-capitalise on this.

Whether you know it or not, your community exists on social media in some form. Find them, and engage with them. Craft relationships (built on value) with the most engaged people in your social circles. Find ways to show your active community that you care about what they think. Seek their opinion, and find ways to help them succeed.


In return, don’t be afraid to ask for your communities help through the occasional call-to-action. The most effective ways to drive traffic with a small budget revolve around your community. Go out of your way to provide exceptional value for valued members of your community and build substantial brand trust.
You’d be surprised how many people genuinely appreciate recognition for their support, and would be willing to help you in return.