In-Store Sales

In-store Sales – What We Do

Ever since this thing called ‘Digital’ came along marketers have been asking the question – how on earth do I connect the dots between my digital advertising and in-store sales? Even if you could, how do you connect them accurately enough to really understand how your spend is working and the impact it’s having on ROI?

So, imagine if you could launch a competition online that would draw customers in-store, and when your customers arrived in-store they held a unique identifier that could tell you exactly what channel they used to find you, the offer they engaged with, the time they arrived and the store they purchased from.

At Peazie, we’ve created a range of incredible campaign mechanics that can help do just that. From unique in-store redemption to specific store tracking, we’ve got it covered. Peazie will work with you to specifically design a campaign that will work for you to bring your audience in-store

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