Lead Generation

Lead Generation – What We Do

Lead Generation can be complex. Anybody buying performance media with CPC (cost per conversion) is taking a serious gamble, particularly when the desired conversion is complex or high-barrier. For example, if you’re selling sports cars using Facebook ads, attributing ROI is almost impossible due to the ENORMOUS volume of impressions you’d need to serve before somebody who sees an ad actually buys a car. Common sense says it’s not even worth attributing that sale to the ad impression so why is it that we so desperately try?

The more logical (and budget-friendly) approach is to break your conversion down into a funnel that includes multiple stages, offering your audience a series of easy conversion steps instead of one enormous one.

Peazie helps map and optimise this multi-stage conversion journey, guiding your audience towards the end goal while mapping ROI the whole way, and identifying weak points in the chain. There’s no point overhauling an entire system if only a tiny bit of it isn’t performing well, so we help identify the sore spots and build strategies to overcome them, ensuring an optimal marketing spend.

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