Permits Prizes & Insurance

Permits Prices & Insurance – What We Do

Trade Promotions. Government regulations. Hand-written applications. Are you asleep yet?

The need for competition permits is the single biggest reason many of our clients have been hesitant to run competitions in the past, and many still try and avoid them where possible.

There are countless scenarios where you’re better off avoiding the rigmarole of the application process entirely, but there are also situations where our data shows that you’ll generate a greater ROI if you do go down the permit path.

In those cases, we can take care of absolutely everything. We’ll do the applications, send them off and even draft your terms and conditions.

We know all the tricks of the trade, and we’ve got great relationships with the permit offices in each state (i.e. we can hassle them for you if you need things turned around quickly). We’ll also help you construct your entry mechanics and prize pools in a way that ensures all unnecessary red tape is avoided where possible.

Fun fact: 11/10 Peazie customers who let us take care of their permits never want to do them by themselves ever again. Seriously – ask them.

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