7 Days of Junkee


When it comes to brands that encapsulate the millennials of today, it’s hard to go past Junkee. Junkee is one of Australia’s smartest and most original pop culture titles, with a huge following amongst the 18-35 demographic.


Junkee needed assistance with its marketing efforts, the brand has a huge social following however as every marketer knows social engagement is declining. Junkee needed a way to encourage these social fans to become loyal subscribers on their database. Doing this would enable Junkee to create a better relationship with them through their eDMs, as well as getting more users interacting with their website, and thus creating loyalty with these users.


As a digital publisher, the database is the lifeblood for the brand, as the larger the owned audience the more Junkee can leverage its network of advertisers. Engaging existing users and utilising brand partnerships were secondary objectives for the campaign.



With the primary goal of growing the Junkee database, Peazie designed a campaign that would be fun and engaging, incentivising these social followers to become loyal subscribers.


Taking place in December, it was the perfect time for a Christmas themed promotion. Aptly named ‘7 Days of Junkee’, every day for 7 days a different prize was up for grabs. Utilising Junkee’s network of partners, prizes were donated and offered, with something for everyone – from Rayban Sunglasses and Topshop gift vouchers, to multiple Hoyts and Sony movie tickets.


Based off Peazie’s experience in choosing mechanics that convert, a mixture of Instant Wins (instant gratification) and major prize draws (delayed gratification) were used. This allowed Junkee to:

  • Appeal to multiple types of users, thereby increasing the amount of entries
  • Test audience responses and thus optimise the campaign in real time
  • Incentivise users to continually return to the website to enter daily prizes, and
  • Provide ongoing engagement for both new and existing users



With an on-page conversion rate of 52% the campaign was a clear win for Junkee. Advertised primarily on social media, the promotion was successfully able to get Junkee’s social followers (as well as Junkee newbies) onto their website to enter their details, with each entry representing an email subscriber for the database.


3 out of 10 users entered multiple competitions, creating huge engagement for the Junkee website, brand awareness, and also making sure each of the daily brand partners received exposure from the promotion.


The range and daily frequency of prizes (as well as mechanics used) was very effective in getting users to re-engage and come back to the website. Instant Wins proved to perform the best, and overall the promotion performed higher than industry conversions resulting in a great outcome for Junkee.