To gather quality leads, but also to learn more about Abicus customers and the broader Newcastle market.


We know that users are more likely to enter a competition if the prize is relevant to them, so we built a mechanic that allowed them to choose exactly what they want to win. The upside of a mechanic like this is that it also gives Abicus some AMAZING data on the preferences of those who are entering. As a small business, Abicus had a preference for a game of skill rather than a random draw, allowing them to avoid competition permits. We asked entrants to tell us why they wanted to win their particular prize, which drove higher conversion by getting users to “mentally purchase” their prize prior to submitting their personal information.


Abicus were able to saturate the Newcastle market, display their product range, and learn more about their current and future customers. The on-page conversion ended up at a whopping 26.43%, placing it in the top 20% of skill-based campaigns we’ve run this year.