Aus. Olympic Committee & APN Outdoor


In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, The Australian Olympic Committee launched their official App on both Apple and Android devices. As an official Olympics partner, APN Outdoor were tasked with building a campaign to help drive two key objectives around the App launch; awareness and downloads.


To optimise the conversion of eyeballs to action, the strategy implemented was to create a value exchange with the audience, in the form of a competition. Working with competition and promotional partners Peazie to create the optimal ingredients of incentives and mechanics, a promotion was established whereby consumers who downloaded the App would go in the draw to win prizes from various sponsors including Samsung, Crumpler and Woolworths. Consumers were to be tracked through the conversion funnel to validate entries, and also incentivised to invite others (to extract maximum virality) with a clever promotional share mechanic.

The Incentives:

Peazie used the efficacy data from over 3,000 of their competitions and promotions to advise on how best to structure the incentives/value-exchange (between consumer and brand) to achieve optimal conversion through to App download. The data told us that for this particular implementation, building a higher quantity of smaller prize packs, leveraging the generous AOC sponsors’ supplied goodies, would achieve a high perceived value without building a barrier to entry due to perceived attainability (the “I’ve never won the lottery” effect).

The Mechanics:

Peazie constructed a fully responsive and microsite optimised purely against on page campaign conversion. Elements that are carefully considered in building a site for optimal conversion including everything from the layout and placement of elements, to the copy-writing and contents of headings and subheadings, as well as more granular details such as the optimal conversion attracted from a suburb lookup field versus a manual input.

  • Game of Chance mechanic: The nucleus of this campaign was a game of chance, with the entry being verified by a user clicking through to download the app.
  • Share for Entry mechanic: An additional entry was offered to users who then shared the promotion via either social media or using a personalised link. This smart ‘share’ mechanic was able to drive an extra for 4% of entries, incentivising already-converted users to spread the word.


The campaign delivered significant outcomes against both objectives; awareness and App downloads. Consumers were exposed to the out of home campaign that showcased the app, with more than 16,000 of those consumers choosing to jump online and visit the App info page noted on the campaign creative; a very measurable result against the first objective of the campaign, awareness. With industry standard on-page conversion ranging from 2% to sometimes 8% at best, it was most impressive to see 35.2% of all individuals that hit the site instantly click through to download the App, driving a directly measurable impact against the second of the campaign’s objectives, App downloads. Due to the ‘out of home’ nature of the APN Outdoor assets supporting the campaign, an incredible 87% of all visitation to the site occurred on a mobile device, and all-in-all the AOC App campaign was a huge success.