BioPak is a company with a conscience. Their mission: To provide the highest quality most environmental friendly packaging.


BioPak approached Peazie to help with several objectives:  

  • Demonstrate to cafes that stocking BioCup has a positive effect on sales, and thus increasing BioPak stockists around Australia. Being an environmentally friendly product the costs are higher, therefore the benefits of sustainability and positive consumer perception need to be clearly communicated to cafes for stocking their cups.
  • Learn about its customers behaviours and preferences in regards to coffee consumption and the the BioPak brand. The purpose being to assist the primary objective by creating compelling statistics to take back to the cafes.
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of using environmentally friendly sustainable packaging to coffee drinkers and the public at large.


Peazie developed a strategy to incentivise consumers to seek out cafes that use BioPak. The solution had several components to it:


  1. The ‘Cup of Cash’ competition was created – by simply purchasing a coffee from BioPak stocked cafes, consumers had the chance to win up to $1,000,000 cash, with also 200 X $50 instant win prizes. The concept was to motivate consumers from both their environmental consciousness and a cash incentive to enter their details at Users were also prompted to share the competition on social media with friends to win a holiday prize (further spreading the message)..


Please note: Choosing the right type of prizes to incentivise consumers is no guessing game. Peazie have run thousands of competitions, and we have the insights and data to know how to pick the right prizes to get customers to take action. We know that a large major prize drives the best traffic to the page (i.e. $1 million), but that a high volume of low-value instant wins is what makes people convert once they’re there.


  1. When entering the competition users were also prompted to answer questions relating to their coffee consumption and views on sustainable packaging. These customer insights are invaluable for BioPak when developing campaigns and sales material.


  1. Such a great prize needed the promotion to match. Peazie partnered with PR company Neon Black to spread the word to media outlets across the country, ensuring the brand, mission and competition were front of mind to consumers.


The campaign exploded with thousands of users flocking to cafes to purchase BioCup coffee then entering the ‘Cup of Cash’ competition. 55.67% of traffic going to landing page converted confirming the competition’s popularity. 16.7% of these entrants also shared the competition via social media with their followers, further spreading the BioPak message.


The campaign created a massive PR boost for BioPak with over three dozen print and online newspapers and magazines, a such as The Chronicle, Canberra Times, and the Maitland Mercury reporting on the story just to name a few.


Questionnaires from the competition revealed that a majority of consumers are happy to pay extra for biodegradable cups. Creating great data for the marketing and sales teams to get more cafe stocking the brand. The campaign is a great example of how collaborating with the right strategic partner can lead to amazing results for a brand. Great job BioPak!