CNP Brands


CNP Brands, a leading retailer for baby and nursery products had done research that indicated in a 6-week window mothers spend approximately $10k on nursery products. Finding customers in such a niche audience, as well as such a small time frame is no easy task.

To target these customers in the past, CNP has used traditional ad targeting methods based primarily around likes and interests. The problem with this is when it comes to something time-bound like pregnancy, these methods fall down flat (after all, you don’t typically un-like baby pages once your kid grows up).

For CNP brands the critical sales window is a mum-to-be’s second and third trimester, which when using ad platforms is an audience with more noise than signal. The objective for CNP was therefore clear: build a qualified lead database of pregnant women without using traditional ad targeting methods.


In order to reach their target market, CNP needed a promotion that used out of the box thinking, and Peazie had just the solution. Instead of relying on pregnant women being driven to the competition page, we decided to capitalise on a soft incentive for our target market’s friends.

The client ran broadly-targeted ads driving traffic to our “nominate a pregnant friend for a pre-natal massage” page. The entrant was invited to describe why their pregnant friend deserved a break. They then received a unique sharing link to pass on to their pregnant friend to “accept their nomination”. When the pregnant friend followed the link, they were presented with the primary entrant’s lovely message and an entry form. At no point was there any hard incentive for the primary entrants.


The campaign saw over a thousand entries, with an overall conversion rate (from ad click to qualified lead) of 12%. This is a far stronger result than could have been achieved without the ‘Nomination’ mechanic (say, by targeting pregnant women directly).

CNP were looking for qualified leads, and by creating a campaign where all entries were referred by a friend, and by also choosing the right type of prize in the form of a post natal massage, the company could be sure they had the right type of audience added to their database.

The campaign was a great example of how out of the box thinking, combined with the correct promotional mechanic and incentive can drive desired conversions for a business.