Cold Rock


Cold Rock is a proud Ice Creamery, 100% Australian made and owned. Peazie and Cold Rock have had a great relationship over the years, previously working on acquisition campaigns as well as user-generated content aggregators. Therefore when Peazie built ‘retail’ specific functionality into our platform, it was inevitable that our relationship would continue. Timing was perfect too, as their new ‘Ice-Cream Sliders’ were about to launch.


For product launches and special events in the past Cold Rock had emailed coupons for free samples to their database. Limitations of this system were:

  • No way of tracking the vouchers redeemed: Coupons advised ‘1 per customer’, but there was no technical way of actually implementing this, and stopping people using them at multiple stores.
  • No way to track ROI: Cold Rock wasn’t able to track which digital channels were driving people in store and contributing ROI.

From a marketing perspective Cold Rock needed accountability and traceability.


Using features that are unique to the Peazie platform we were able to strategise a solution that solved Cold Rock’s marketing dilemma. The free ‘Ice Cream Slider’ would be promoted through the existing database as well as social, PPC and other channels. All users were directed to go to the Peazie created micro-site to enter their details to sign-up. These users would then be sent their Retail Redemption coupons to take in-store and redeem their ice-cream.


Retail Redemption coupons are digital coupons with many advantages:  

  • Unique, non-shareable, single use vouchers: They can not be reused, preventing fraud.
  • Delivered in a simple way that is trackable: Coupons are delivered via a smartphone and uses its GPS technology to allow tracking of the redemption location as well as time of day
  • Simple and easy: Coupons are served via the smart phone’s web browser and therefore can redeemed in-store without requiring a specialised app download
  • No staff training required: The customer simply shows the redemption retail redemption voucher on their phone to the employee on shift who redeems it


The product launch was a huge success, generating amazing results and some great buzz for Cold Rock.

  • Thousands of people went to the site to enter their details, with an amazing sign-up conversion rate of over 40%.
  • Over 20% of these users then took action and went to the store to claim their free ‘Ice-Cream Slider’.
    • This was a massive result, anyone who works in retail knows getting someone to to take action is extremely difficult.
  • The campaign was picked up by viral competition aggregator sites such as Oz Bargains, further adding to the reach of the competition, and confirming its popularity.


The Retail Redemption code allowed Cold Rock the ability to do something retailers have been dreaming of, the ability to track the entire marketing/media spend:

  • From promotion (email, social, ppc etc.) to purchase (store location and time)
  • Between online to offline
  • Complete trackability and accountability

The promotion was a huge win for Cold Rock, with the data and insights gained being able to be used for a lot more successful promotions for years to come.