Fernwood Fitness provides world-class health clubs and programs to women across Australia. Like all gyms Fernwood’s revenue comes from memberships. Therefore lead generation, in the form of highly qualified potential customers is the most important marketing objective for the business.

Fernwood had tried various social media campaigns to generate leads in the past. While membership acquisitions did trickle in, it was impossible to calculate precisely which marketing activity (eg. social media, TV commercial, print, etc) led new members to join, making it extremely difficult to determine ROI.

Another issue Fernwood had with previous marketing efforts was their landing pages weren’t optimised for conversion. This meant that they were losing the traffic that they drove to their pages from social and other channels.


As specialists in conversion driven campaigns Peazie was able provide an innovative solution for Fernwood’s lead generation objectives. The solution provided was trackable, and also optimised for conversions (solving two of a marketers biggest dilemmas).

Peazie devised a monthly social media campaign to generate leads for memberships to the microsite. Using an ‘Enter to Win’ mechanic, an incentive was chosen that would drive the most amount of entrants, ensuring a high ROI for Fernwood.

The most popular campaigns was ‘Win a three month membership for you and a friend! 16 to be won!’. Peazie learned quickly through testing different incentives that the Fernwood audience responds much better to incentives that allow them to bring a friend along to the gym. Reason being this lowered the psychological barrier to joining a Fernwood Fitness club.

Offering a large amount of incentives drove people to share the campaign on social media, particularly on Facebook. Peazie were able to drive this social engagement by utilising the ‘Share on Social’ mechanic that appeared once a user entered the competition.


The monthly Fernwood campaigns have been a great success for the health club. The conversion rates for these campaigns has consistently hovered around 40% per campaign. They consistently reach about 3,000 conversions each month, primarily through Facebook targeting using lookalike audiences from previous campaigns.

Out of the leads generated by Peazie campaigns, around 7% converted into twelve-month memberships, driving significant revenue that was directly attributable to Peazie campaigns.