Fox Footy – Mid-Year All Australian


Fox Footy is Australia’s leading producer of AFL sports coverage and related programming. The broadcaster was looking to do a fully integrated campaign that would leverage on air, display, social, web content and EDMs.


The objective was to engage Fox Footy’s fan base as well as acquire leads for the database:

  • Fan Engagement: The promotion was unique as it had to engage fans on two different levels:  
    • On-Air Entertainment: The concept had to be something that could be used to engage fans during AFL broadcasts (i.e. engaging fans where they want to be engaged).
    • Off-Air Promotion: It also had to be engaging enough in its own right to be used as an asset that could be promoted through off-air channels such as TV commercials and online.

Database Growth: A promotion that would appeal to a highly engaged footy fan base was the perfect opportunity to grow a high-quality database.



Peazie worked with Fox Footy to identify a part of the busy AFL calendar that they could own and launch a successful campaign. The solution devised was to take the popular end of year all Australian team selection concept and recreate it mid-year (exploiting the gap in great footy content needed due to the mid-season bye rounds).


Entrants were directed to the ‘Pick Your Mid-Year All Australian Side To Win’ promotional microsite. Using an interactive football field entrants would go through each on-field position and choose their favourite AFL star to fill it in from a line up of 40 possible players. Then in 25 words or less select who would be their all Australian coach and why.


The campaign took advantage of the Peazie’s platform capabilities and succeeded in engaging Fox Footy’s fan base in the following ways:


Fan Engagement:

  • It was fun, entertaining and something that naturally created discussion and debate amongst mates.
  • It created great on-air content that was used for Fox Footy’s TV programs. The video below showcases the hosts of popular Fox Footy programmes creating their own Mid- Year All Australian AFL sides, generating great discussion while inviting viewers at home to create their own teams.


Customised Mechanics:

  • Highly-engaging promotions such as this deliver higher-quality leads, however, they also involve more effort from the user which can cause a higher barrier to entry. By using the Peazie platform for the promotion this risk was able to be mitigated.
  • The mechanic that fans used to select their players was customised by Peazie to be simple and intuitive to use, providing a great user experience on all devices including mobile.
  • The platform also provided a UCG gallery to allow users to share their all Australian team online with their mates and encourage social interaction.



The campaign provided a great way for Fox Footy to engage it’s audience, with thousands of users going to the promotion site to create their mid-year all Australian team. The concept worked as both engaging on-air content, as well as a stand-alone campaign that could be leveraged through Fox Footy’s owned media assets.


The great user experience provided by the Peazie platform ensured a high on-page conversion rate of 29.48% (with two-thirds of entries coming from mobile). Campaigns that have the ability to enhance a user’s experience instead of interrupt it is the future of marketing, through this promotion Peazie was able to do just that for Fox Footy.