Le Tan – Partnership


Peazie understands the challenges faced by marketers, that is why so many brands, agencies and publishers partner with us. They understand the competitive advantage that can be gained by using Peazie’s platform, data and team to achieve their hard-hitting marketing objectives.

One of our partnerships has been with Le Tan, one of Australia’s favourite brands for tanning and sun protection. Le Tan were looking to implement a range of initiatives that could effectively target each stage of the marketing funnel including:

  • Database Growth (build a list for future promotions).
  • Engage it’s Audience (interact through social channels).
  • Increase Sales (drive users in-store to purchase).



Peazie worked with the Le Tan marketing team to devise a series of three innovative promotional campaigns. Each campaign focused on a different stage stage of the marketing funnel, with the results from each campaign driving the success of the next.



Some of the customised solutions Peazie has provided through this partnership include:


Campaign #1 – Database Growth:

Win a Trip to Falls Festival for You and Your Bestie

Concept: Entrants had the chance to win a trip to Falls Festival for themselves and a friend (plus 30 Le Tan prize packs). To enter they had to nominate their ‘bestie’ to take to Falls Festival, this friend would have to accept the nomination and then enter their details for the duo to have a chance to win the prize.

Why this approach was used:

  • The Fall Festivals youth orientated fanbase was the perfect audience to leverage to drive acquisition for the Le Tan database.
  • The buddy builder mechanic requires users to invite their friends. This is perfect for database acquisition as it:
    • Potentially doubles the traffic of the promotion.
    • Recruits like minded individuals.
    • Has in-built credibility because it’s recommended by a friend.


Campaign #2 – Audience Engagement:

Show Us Your Dark Side

Concept: Entrants had to upload (via Instagram or direct) a before and after image of themselves self-tanning with a Le Tan product. The top 12 images were selected by Le Tan for public voting. The public voted on their favourite image in exchange for the chance to instantly win a range of Le Tan products.

Why this approach was used:

  • A photo upload/hashtag competition engaged Le Tan’s youth target market through the platforms (and media) where they want to be engaged, i.e. Instagram.
  • User generated content helped Le Tan build its social community while simultaneously promoting its products.
  • Users who didn’t upload a photo could still engage with the promotion and win prizes by voting which expanding the reach of the competition.


Campaign #3 – Drive Sales :

Priceline Coupon + Instant Win

Concept: Entrants entered their details to claim a Priceline coupon for $5 off three Le Tan coconut self-tanning products. They also instantly find out if they have won 1 of 300 product prizes.

Why this approach was used:

  • Driving sales through promotions is challenging, however, combining a generous $5 discount with 300 instant win prizes was the perfect incentive to drive people in-store.
  • It attracted new customers to the Le Tan brand, while encouraging existing fans to trial the new range of products.
  • The promotion utilised Peazie’s retail redemption mechanic – a single use digital voucher (downloaded via smart phone) that can track the entire transaction from online to offline, and assign attribution to all marketing dollars spent


These three Peazie campaigns were the perfect series of promotions to drive some great marketing results for Le Tan:

  • Campaign 1: Thousands of young Aussies nominated their friends to enter this promotion with the campaign having an on-page conversion rate of 54%. Using the buddy builder mechanic extended the promotions reach and thereby reduced media costs. Aligning with Falls Festival was also the right move to attract the right kind of crowd to grow the Le Tan database.
  • Campaign 2: The promotion used a 2 phase approach to engage fans through user generated content. Phase 1 enticed hundreds of users to upload photos and successfully leveraged the Le Tan fan base. Phase 2 (the voting stage) is where audience engagement really took off with over 10K users visiting the microsite to enter their details by voting (on-page conversion rate of 60.3%).
  • Campaign 3: The campaigns incentives (discount coupons + instant win prizes) was extremely effective in attracting users to the promotion. The microsite had over 10K visitors with an on-page conversion rate of 66.5% (well above industry average). Many users then went in-store to redeem their coupons, effectively stimulating trials of Le Tan’s new product range.

Each promotion used different concepts, incentives and mechanics to engage different users at each stage of the funnel. The more campaigns we did for Le Tan the more we learned about what worked for their audience. As time goes on we will continue to grow with Le Tan and continually improve results.