Le Tan


Le Tan has been one of Australia’s favourite brands for tanning and sun protection products for over a generation. The company has always been known for it’s great creative advertisements, appealing to the fun loving, beach going youth of Australia.

For over four decades Le Tan had built a following through traditional marketing methods. However in this digital age, these fans are now online, and Le Tan needed to recruit these people to it’s database. Growing this database was a huge priority, allowing Le Tan to reward it fans by sending great marketing offers, and to keep an open dialogue.

There are not many marketing companies that recognise the importance of database growth more than Peazie. We took it upon ourselves to create an innovative promotion that could be engaging, grow a quality database, and show a positive ROI.


A solution needed to be devised that would allow Le Tan to engage with the next wave of fun loving young Aussie’s. In response Peazie created the ‘Win a time to Falls Festival for you and a friend’ campaign. The prize was something that needed to be highly coveted by the audience, and something they wanted to share with their friends (enabling the promotion to recruit more like minded advocates for Le Tan).

Using one of Peazie’s favourite mechanics the ‘Buddy Builder’, entrants would have to nominate a friend to take to Falls Festival, this friend would have to accept the nomination and then enter their details for the duo to have a chance to win the prize. The ‘Buddy Builder’ is a hugely powerful mechanic, as the ability to nominate a friend allows a company to potentially double the amount of traffic to a promotion.

30 LeTan prize packs were also on offer to give users more chances to win and therefore increasing the number of entries. To offer extra value and drive further engagement and action for Le Tan all entrants were sent a discount voucher to use at their online store.


The campaign was a huge hit, with many thousands of young Aussie’s entering their details, and nominating friends for a chance to win such a great prize. Aligning with the Falls Festival attracted the right kind of crowd, enabling Le Tan to grow a high quality database with the right of kind people.

The on-page conversion rate was amazing with 64% of entrants who went to the page entering their details. The ‘Buddy Builder’ mechanic enabled users to nominate their friends, recruiting more like minded individuals to the database, effectively extending the media reach and therefore reducing cost-of-acquisition. Overall it was innovative and fun promotion that matched the sensibilities of a great brand.