Mink Pink x Lipault


Minkpink has one of the most engaged instagram followings of any brand we work with, but even they need to future-proof themselves from the inevitable reduction in organic reach as the platform moves towards Facebook’s algorithm model.

Luckily they’re beating the robots to the punch by investing in learning more about their audience while they can still reach [almost] everybody. With the email addresses of their followers, they’ll be able to communicate with their audience in a far more cost-effective manner than promoting posts on instagram.  

Our brief was to leverage the earned reach of Minkpink’s extensive blogger network to convert the brand’s instagram audience into a usable email database.


This campaign was built around our gallery voting mechanic, but was divided into two distinct phases:

PHASE ONE – invite-only blogger competition

In the first stage (two months before the public campaign), one hundred bloggers were invited to submit a photo of them wearing the brand for the chance to win a round-the-world trip. Bloggers were contacted individually and were allowed plenty of lead time to ensure maximum participation.

PHASE TWO – public voting

We built the entries from phase one into a responsive voting gallery, and gave each blogger a unique, trackable link to their entry. On launch day, 100 bloggers drove their loyal followers to the landing page, where voters were offered the chance to win a $700 Lipault prize pack and a $1000 Mink Pink wardrobe, PLUS a trip to their favourite blogger’s location. We knew, however, that the prizes were a secondary incentive (loyalty to the users’ favourite blogger being the first).


This campaign had almost 11,000 unique (voter) entries and over 20,000 visitors to the page – all without spending a single cent on media. The enormous amount of traffic from this campaign was purely due to the influence of the bloggers and their followers, creating a new, highly engaged audience for the brand to communicate with.

A secondary win for this campaign was the insight Minkpink gained into the efficacy of their blogger network. Providing each blogger with a unique tracking link meant we were able to track traffic AND entries – notably, it wasn’t always the bloggers with the highest engagement rates on instagram that drove the greatest results for Minkpink – a great learning for future blogger engagement.