The Pancake Parlour – Pancake Builder


The Pancake Parlour’s partnership with Peazie has enabled the companies to develop a great working relationship. The teams have worked closely together to create a range of promotions to achieve various marketing objectives for the restaurant chain.


The Pancake Parlour’s latest promotion needed to coincide with International Pancake Day, therefore it had to be one of the best campaigns yet. The Pancake Parlour had a clear outline of what needed to be achieved from the campaign:

  • Create a fun and engaging promotion to coincide with the company’s Pancake Day celebrations, give-aways and in-store activities (and help create awareness leading up to the day).
  • Drive engagement for the Pancake Parlour’s menu, getting people familiar with the ingredients and what the restaurants have on offer.



Peazie is always innovating by creating new mechanics and functionality to add to its promotion platform. The most recent innovation was the creation of the ‘Canvas Tool’, a fun mechanic that enabled promotions to be interactive, and would be the perfect tool to use for the Pancake Parlour’s latest promotion.


The concept was to create a promotion site that let customers build their own pancake (enabled by the functionality of the canvas tool). This campaign would tick many boxes as all of the Pancake Parlour’s objectives could be built around it:

  • It was the perfect asset to create awareness on social media and the company’s website for Pancake Day activities and promotions.
  • The interactivity and playfulness of the pancake builder mechanic ensured the promotion would be heaps of fun and engage followers.
  • All entries were posted to the pancake builder gallery enabling users to vote and share their own creations, as well as their fellow ‘builders’, integrating a social and viral nature to the promotion.
  • The act of building the pancake simultaneously educates the user on the range of menu items offered by the restaurant (plus informs the Pancake Parlour on what their customers like).


Every great promotion needs great prizes that are on brand and highly targeted to their audience, and this promotion delivered just that:

  • The winner would have their pancake entry added to the Pancake Parlour’s menu (as well as receive year’s worth of pancakes) creating a very fun incentive for contestants.
  • There was also 50 ‘instant win’ short stacks up for grabs. Peazie knows’s from experience that creating lots of opportunities for winning (even for smaller prizes) can dramatically increase conversion rates.



The campaign was a hit, the fun and interactive nature of the promotion had thousands of users flocking to the site to build their own pancake. With a Unique On-page Conversion of 44.08%, nearly half of users who went to the promotion microsite entered the competition. Over 7% of the entrants has so much fun building their own pancake that they entered the promotion multiple times. The results showed the campaign had achieved its objectives of creating awareness and engagement for Pancake Day activities, as well the restaurant offerings.


The majority of entrants came from Facebook, demonstrating the campaign concept had the perfect ingredients to grab attention on social channels. Overall the promotion captured the fun personality of the Pancake Parlour brand, and has now opened the door for similar interactive promotions for future campaigns.