The Pancake Parlour – Partnership


The Pancake Parlour, one of Australia’s most beloved institutions for over 50 years, operates in the highly competitive restaurant chain industry. Marketing activities are a huge driving factor for business, with promotions ‘always on’. There is a lot of ‘noise’ is consumer advertising today, and it’s imperative to break through.

When The Pancake Parlour started working with Peazie their objectives were:

  • Grow the marketing database
  • Engage consumers through a range of promotions
  • Drive action of in-store purchases

The company needed a partner that understood their marketing goals, had a proven track-record of delivering results, and someone who would be there in the long-term – and PEAZIE was that partner.



Peazie has worked closely with The Pancake Parlour’s (PP’s) marketing team on all levels. By developing a partnership relationship, Peazie has been able to understand the business objectives of the organisation and implement a range of promotions from end-to-end, working together through all aspects of their campaigns.

Some of the customised solutions Peazie has provided through this partnership include:


Data-Driven Campaigns Proposals and Consulting

  • Peazie has solved each brief using a combination of data-driven and creative concepts, adapting to the unique requirements of each promotion.
  • Regular reviews of all the Pancake Parlour’s marketing activities are carried out by Peazie, to guarantee the promotions are contributing to set objectives and driving in-store spending.


Promotional Campaign Design and Execution

  • Peazie has consistently produced campaigns in-line with the fun personality of the brand, and suit the range of promotions on the Pancake Parlour’s extensive calendar.
  • Implementation of a range of mechanics are used to suit each promotion, this ensures each campaign apply conversion-design principles and achieves required marketing objectives.
  • Peazie have even created new mechanics specifically for the Pancake Parlour such as the ‘Pancake Builder’. This interactive promotion has been a huge hit with its followers, achieving an on-page conversion rate over 50% (figures extremely higher than industry conversion rates).


ROI Accountability and Reporting

  • All traffic to campaign pages is tracked and monitored in real time, with the Peazie team reporting throughout the duration of the campaign on how to optimise traffic channels. This ensures the highest possible conversions and guarantees advertising dollars are spent optimally.
  • Peazie collects valuable statistics and insights on each campaign ever conducted, and produces customised reports for the Pancake Parlour on each of these. This allows Peazie to understand the contributing success factors for each campaign, and apply the lessons learnt into the next promotion.
  • Peazie custom mechanic such as the ‘Retail Redemption’ has allowed the Pancake Parlour to track online advertising spend to desired offline actions of in-store purchases. This has given the team the ability can always stay on track to meet their marketing objectives and KPI targets.



Working together over a 12 month period Peazie and the Pancake Parlour have become true partners. Through the successful delivery of multiple campaigns, the Peazie team has built a prosperous relationship, developing a deep understanding of the Pancake Parlour’s business objectives, and then delivering promotion campaigns that meet these.

These campaigns have consistently delivered incredible results for the Pancake Parlour, with promotions resulting in on-page conversions of 25% on average. These promotions have been able to successfully achieve the ultimate goal of driving people in-store for purchase.

The Pancake Parlour’s partnership with Peazie has made sure the company’s marketing and promotion needs are taken care of by experts in the field. This has ensured a strong ROI has been achieved for all marketing initiatives conducted.