Pandora x Splendour In The Grass


Internet radio service Pandora had 2x tickets to give away to the sold-out Splendour In The Grass festival. What they needed was a campaign strategy allowing them to leverage the such high in demand prize through their current owned media channels (subscribers, email lists, and social platforms) to achieve the following objectives:

  • Database growth: Being a “freemium” subscription based service that relies on advertising, the size of Pandora’s database is absolutely vital to the company’s success and growth.
  • Brand Awareness: The music streaming services is a highly competitive market. Therefore it is extremely important that Pandora develop a strong presence, especially with the younger target market (At it is these listeners who will become life long customers and brand advocates).     


Without Peazie tech, the obvious solution would have been a simple ‘Enter to Win’ competition promoted through Pandora’s marketing channels. However based on Peazie’s data and insights, we knew we could craft a competition that took incentivised sharing to the next level.

To capitalise on the scarcity of the Splendour tickets, our proposed solution was for users to nominate a “buddy” to take with them. This initial entry was then only validated once the invited “buddy” had entered their own details via a secondary form page. The secondary form page was dynamically populated with primary form data, personalising it for each entrant.

A mechanic like this has the potential to double the amount of users entered into the competition and thus capture twice as much data for the cost of one click. We also know that the majority of users share via facebook, offering a significant extension to brand reach. On top of the reach, we know that branded content shared by users drives greater engagement than when that same content is shared by the brands themselves.


The campaign was a huge hit, with thousands converging to the competition microsite. Users gladly entered entered their own details, and were then incentivised to encourage their friends to do the same.

An amazing 66% of users who came to site converted, 52% of these primary entrants then drove a second, free acquisition. Using these numbers, a $100k media spend would have given driven $150k of value when calculating CPA, or in other words, for every two entrants bought, an extra one was FREE.

The campaign is a perfect example of how when innovative brands use data and the right incentives, they can leverage a competition to produce amazing results.