Scentre Group


Scentre Group, the largest retail management group in Australia, were looking to generate engagement and drive spending into their Westfield stores for Spring Fashion week. Spring Fashion week is a great opportunity to drive buzz for retailers and therefore an exciting campaign was needed to take advantage of this event.

Secondary objectives was to collect data to learn more about the Westfield audience, and their buyer behaviour, and also to generate leads for future promotions (PS. If you’re not collecting data on your customers you’re falling behind).

Retailers are no stranger to marketing, however using traditional marketing methods makes measuring ROI quite difficult. Peazie approached Westfield with the idea of running a promotion that would achieve objectives of generating engagement and consumer spending for Spring Fashion week, as well as generating data and leads, while making sure ROI could be measured effectively.


Spring Fashion Week is one Australia’s favourite cultural events. Therefore the promotion needed a prize that encapsulated the glamour,beauty and allure of Fashion week.  

Peazie devised a concept that allowed customers to win the ultimate front line fashion experience. Customers simply needed to $200 or more in a speciality store for a chance to win an exclusive Steven Kahlil Couture Experience valued at $15,000.   

Developing a concept with such a high value incentive was very strategic to help Westfield achieve their objectives.

  • Entrants needed to fill out a form on the microsite that had many data fields, as well as spend money in store
  • Requiring entrants to take actions like these creates an extremely high barrier to entry, however having such an incredible incentive still ensured a high entry rate
  • This high barrier to entry was necessary in order to collect data and generate leads from a high calibre of customers, as well as generate sales in-store


This campaign was very effective in helping Scentre Group to achieve their objectives. The promotion generated engagement and purchasing in-store, with entrants spending a combined value of $27,000 (Due to the tracking all of this can be contributed to the Peazie campaign).  

This promotion was locally run campaign, therefore the data and leads collected were from entrants who were local, highly relevant and qualified. The microsite itself had an on-page conversion rate of over 26%. As well as achieve campaign objectives Peazie was able to assist Scentre Group begin their journey in customer data.