SEN’s goals were to:

  • Widen the station’s database with loyal subscribers
  • Find out how effective their on-air campaigns are
  • Strengthen their relationship with their partners


To achieve SEN’s goals the station promoted a chance to win one of 31 daily prizes in ‘Ox’s $100,000 Wheel of Awesome!’. To enter the competition users were sent to an entry page designed by Peazie. This allowed us to grow the database when users entered their details, but also closed the loop between how many conversions were driven by on air promotion.
Over the 5 weeks lucky entrants had the chance to ‘Spin the Wheel’ to win one of the 31 daily  prizes. Each daily prize was sponsored by one SEN’s partners creating great brand awareness and cross promotion for both sides. Each Friday one of the winners could also ‘Spin the Wheel’ for the chance to win an insured $100,000 prize giving further incentive for listeners to sign up.


Over the 5 week period many loyal SEN listeners visited ‘Ox’s $100,000 Wheel of Awesome’ entry page. The conversion rate was 42.77% and greatly exceeded SEN’s expectations for database growth. The competition also created great engagement with SEN’s listeners by generating daily on air content.