Southern Cross Austereo – Partnership


Peazie has helped hundreds of brands achieve their marketing objectives, however, we also work with agencies and publishers to help them achieve great results as well. Many of these companies have ongoing internal promotions and/or client promotions, and Peazie works as a partner to help them achieve their business objectives.

One of our strongest partnerships is with Southern Cross Austereo (SCA). SCA is a juggernaut in the entertainment/media industry, reaching 95% of Australians each week via their TV, radio and digital networks.

SCA run an extensive amount of promotions and marketing initiatives both (1) internally (eg. radio campaigns) and (2) externally for clients (eg. Brands such as McDonald’s). When SCA began to work with Peazie they were looking for a way to improve both these streams:

  1. Internal Promotions: Increase engagement with the SCA audience, as well as build the internal database
  2. Client Promotions: Delight clients by offering engaging campaigns, help them build their own database, and demonstrate the ROI (and attribution) by working with SCA



Peazie has worked closely with the staff of all levels to deliver consistently excellent results for SCA promotion campaigns. Through our close partnership, we have enabled SCA to build and commercialise their own database, while also providing value to their own clients by helping them build their own databases. Some of the customised solutions Peazie has provided for SCA include:


Data Enrichment

  • Due to its vast reach, SCA had the potential to capture huge amounts of data from its audience. Recognising this they prioritised capturing (and enriching) their data
  • By partnering with Peazie for their promotions, we customised the functionality of our platform to not only capture data based on SCA requirements but feed this straight into SCA’s Data Management System, enriching the data in real time
  • This gave SCA the ability to create highly detailed Audience Profiles


Audience Profiles

  • Audience Profiles create a highly detailed single user view
  • This gives SCA the ability to know where and when users are engaging with their assets
  • Knowing what content users are interested in, and what ads/promotions are the most engaging have lead to huge competitive advantages for SCA, especially when it comes to selling Media Packages


Media Packages

  • Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, for media companies such as SCA to survive they need to generate revenue from advertisers that are sold in the form of media packages
  • The creative and data-driven campaigns created and implemented through the Peazie partnership have given SCA the ability to sell these media packages at a huge premium due to the engagement they drive, data-enriched audience profiles, and databases they acquire
  • Cleverly these media packages and campaigns that SCA uses to build their clients databases, also subsidises SCA costs for building their own database
  • These Media Packages are also highly lucrative due to their ability to demonstrate ROI/Attribution



  • In a typical radio media package scenario, an advertiser will buy air-time to promote their brand. The issue with radio advertising has always been demonstrating ROI and assigning attribution to the radio spend
  • However by combining media packages with Peazie created promotional microsites has given SCA the ability to:
    • Attribute their client’s marketing dollars directly to the campaigns they paid for
    • Develop trust and accountability with their client’s, creating long and prosperous relationships


Sales Support

  • The best media packages in the country need the sales support to go with it (The client needs to understand the value in it in order for them to buy it)
  • Peazie has been an integral part in the sales support for these packages by:
    • Creating documentation for these promotional campaigns
    • Assisting SCA in the positioning, marketing, and selling of these packages



With a partnership spanning over a year, and well over 30 campaigns and counting, Peazie is proud to say that SCA is one our longest and most loyal partnerships. The benefits of the partnership is evident in the results of these media packages and subsequent promotional campaigns. SCA campaigns are increasing in efficacy and achieving higher conversions month on month.


It is important to note that the amazing results and collaboration between SCA and Peazie was a direct result of setting up a partnership arrangement. Through this partnership Peazie has worked on many campaigns for SCA, by working with them to provide the best solutions for their clients, we improve the work we do and innovate and develop new ways to delight their clients.


Through this partnership, Peazie has been integral in enabling SCA to achieve their objectives and put them in a stronger strategic position moving forward. Overall a strong partnership that benefited both parties, and one that is sure to grow.