The Reject Shop – Partnership


Discount retailer The Reject Shop is one of the Australia’s largest retail-chains, with over 300 stores nationwide. With such a large customer base and an extensive product range that caters to all needs and occasions, the Reject Shop marketing team has the mammoth task of continuously creating promotions to:

  • Acquire customers for it’s database
  • Engage these customers
  • Driving in-store sales

The Reject Shop approached Peazie mid-2015 with a highly engaged social media audience that was becoming increasingly expensive to reach. They also identified that digital drove the highest engagement with email their most efficient sales channel.

To that end, they partnered with Peazie to help meet their ambitious goal of growing their opted-in database.



To achieve these goals, Peazie has worked with all levels of the Reject Shop marketing team to formulate a campaign calendar that delivers fast and increasingly cost-effective opt-ins. What started off as only a few stand-alone campaigns, soon developed into a full-fledged partnership.

Peazie supplied the resources and know-how, but more importantly became a partner who was as committed to achieving the Reject Shop’s objectives as they were. Peazie has been able to work around the needs of the Reject Shop’s marketing team, delivering solutions such as:


Monthly Campaign Concepts & Delivery

  • Peazie worked with the Reject Shop team to develop and deliver a calendar of digital promotions and competition that were of the best strategic and tactical fit, and in line with both business and marketing goals.
    • From ‘Christmas’ to ‘Back to School’, and from ‘Mother’s Day’ to ‘Halloween’, Peazie has continually delivered creative and data-driven campaigns to drive in-store sales for desired product promotions.
  • With a host of powerful promotional mechanics built into the Peazie platform, each campaign has found new and exciting ways to drive conversions.
    • Favourites have been ‘Instant Win’ competitions that have driven opts-in, and Peazie’s newly developed ‘Canvas Tool’ that excites and delights users by making promotions interactive such as the ‘Design a Christmas T-shirt’ campaign.


Continuous Improvement and Data Integration

  • Conducting regular monthly campaigns have allowed Peazie to test and validate hypotheses. This has lead to higher converting promotions that resonates with the Reject Shop audience.
    • Insights such as offering more lower value prizes instead of a single big ticket prize to increase the average conversion rate (as well significantly reduce competition prizing costs) are counterintuitive, and could only be achieved through continuous learning and testing.
  • Peazie worked closely with the Reject Shop team to develop a solution to integrate the company’s CRM to facilitate easy transition of and access to data.


ROI and Attribution Accountability

  • The Reject Shop’s campaigns are advertised through its database (to re-engage), and Facebook (to convert fans to loyal subscribers), as well other sources at the disposal of Reject Shop marketing team.
  • Peazie has delivered post-campaign reports for each campaign, helping both parties to identify key learnings to apply the future campaigns to deliver optimal results on an ongoing basis. The Reject Shop receives invaluable data such as:
    • Key KPI figures such as entries and conversion rates, to ensure a positive ROI and demonstrate the value produced through promotion activities.
    • Traffic source reports to understand which channels are growing the database, and how to continually optimise the advertising spend accordingly.
    • A nationwide presence means potential users are spread across the country. Data such as location and device usage lets the Reject Shop understand indepth who is engaging, and where activities need to be readjusted to increase results.



Peazie has been working continuously with the Reject Shop for 18 months, relationships don’t last this long unless you are doing something right. Working as a team Peazie and the Reject Shop reached all database acquisition goals a full 6 months before projected exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Fresh new campaign concepts and designs delivered monthly resulted in regular six-figure traffic to the promotions, and conversions rates averaging 40% ensuring database targets were achieved. Transferring social fans to the database was an imperative part of the plan, and to the delight of the Reject Shop, this was one of the highest converting channels was from Facebook.

With validated learnings and a strong Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) the Reject Shop team are now leveraging their owned audience to drive offline sales and further qualify acquisitions. The trust and accountability developed have created a long and prosperous relationship.