Toni&Guy is one of the most respected and creative hairdressing companies in the world. With such a loyal cliental, the company is always looking to provide extra value for their customers while simultaneously driving revenue growth.

Peazie has run a number of campaigns for Toni&Guy across a range of objectives. In this instance, we were briefed to increase revenue per existing customer. Valuing data and segmentation, it was non-negotiable for T&G to have real time, store-by-store ROI-tracking measures in place too.


Peazie knows the value of plugging different mechanics, incentives, and technology together in new and creative ways. This particular solution involved running TWO promotions simultaneously to different audiences:

  1. An internal ‘Sale KPI’ competition: An internal sales competition was created between the Toni&Guy stores. The KPI’s for the competition would feed into the consumer promotion.
  2. A customer ‘Purchase to Win’ competition: Existing customers would be incentivised to ‘upgrade their colour service’ for the chance to win a $3k Travel Voucher, $500 Westfield Gift Card, or $150 Toni and Guy Service Package.

Traceability and Accountability

The campaign was designed to allow traceability and accountability through all stages of the promotion:    

  • Customers who took advantage of the upsell offer were given instructions on how to enter the competition.
  • All customers were required to enter their valid receipt number and select their salon location from a dropdown. This allowed Toni&Guy to track upsells from in-store to online, as well as track which salons were driving the most upsells.
  • The competition was also great for the staff because it gave them a great promotional tool to increase revenue and hit their sales targets


The campaign was a huge hit with the customers. The opportunity to win a great prize by simply upgrading their colour service was one many did not pass up. Thousands of customers went to the micro-site to enter their details, with the page converting at over 75%. Each entry represented an upsell (i.e. tangible revenue), which provided a great way for Toni&Guy to track the success of the campaign.

To give you an idea of the type of impact an upsell promotion can have for a company – If 500 people participate in a promotion, spending an additional $40 each, this provides an extra $20K in revenue to attribute to that promotion.   

The Toni&Guy stores and their staff were very happy, as they were given the tools and support they needed from head office to increase revenue per customer, plus the winning salon was shouted a seriously cool staff party.