Tumi – Perfecting the Pack


With a 30-year history Tumi is recognised as one of the world’s leading brands in luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. Being a brand that operates in the high-end luxury market Tumi has invested time in choosing just the right influencers to amplify and represent their brand. With such an impressive and varied range of products, multiple influencers have been chosen, each who represent a different Tumi collection.


Tumi were looking for assistance in supporting this influencer marketing initiative. These influencers were creating great content, and the brand wanted its fans to really explore and engage with them.


Tumi therefore needed a campaign that could create great brand engagement, as well as reward the brand loyalty of its current fans. Due to the brands high-price point, strengthening customer relationships was a higher priority than customer acquisition.



Appealing to the sensibilities of discerning professionals and frequent travellers who appreciate high-end travel goods, the campaign proposed the question – ‘What is your Packing Personality’.


The aim was to have some fun and create influencer engagement, by using an ‘Optimised Quiz’ mechanic Peazie was able to do just that. Users went through a series of questions to find out what type of ‘packer’ they were. A quiz creates a higher barrier (requires more effort) however everyone who entered was incentivised with a 10% Tumi discount. Being such a niche product Tumi were looking for existing fans and highly target customers (quality over quantity was the desired outcome).


Once a user completed the quiz and found out their ‘packing personality’. Each type of ‘packing personality’ would align to one of the four influencers featured on the promotion page – and therefore encourage users to engage with them. As each influencer was linked to different collections offered by the brand it was a very clever way to segment the users.



The promotion had 10’s of thousands of visitors and an on-page conversion rate of 34%. The aim was to create engagement with influencers and the campaign did just that. The campaign was advertised through multiple sources, this allowed Tumi to test the engagement of its current database ‘owned’ audience (eg. EDM), and compare this to the ‘paid’ new audience (eg. Facebook Ads) which lead to some valuable insights.


The quiz cleverly segmented the users who entered, giving Tumi a clear look at it’s customers preferences, and allowing the brand to:

  • Relate users to different collections and product lines
  • Get better insight into where to allocate resources for R&D and Marketing, and
  • Shape future promotions based on what customers want


Overall a fun, clever and engaging campaign for the Tumi brand.