Village Roadshow & Sony


Village Roadshow is one of the giants of home entertainment in Australia. As such a big player they’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to reach and engage new customers and communicate their brand offering.

One of the major goals for campaign was to generate interest in their latest release Blu-Ray and digital download properties from DC Entertainment. Growing their database for future offerings and promotions was also a key objective. They worked with Peazie to create a competition that would leverage their partnership with Sony and both company’s assets to solve two objectives:

  • Generate engagement for their DC Superhero line up
  • Grow a qualified database for future entertainment promotions


The DC Universe has many beloved superhero characters. Taking advantage of this, Peazie tailored a promotion that would allow fans to engage with the characters they loved the most. The solution was was two fold using a ‘Pick a Prize’ mechanic, followed by an ‘Extra Entries’ mechanic:

1. Pick a Prize mechanic: Fans were presented with the opportunity to win a custom skinned Playstation 4 game console. Five options were presented, each representing a different DC superhero. Peazie carefully selected this prize as is perfectly aligned with the DC Entertainment products being promoted, and using the ‘Prick a Prize’ mechanic has may benefits such as:

  • Enables a more qualified database
  • Converts a higher demographic
  • Provides marketing research data opportunities

2. Extra Entries mechanic: Peazie identified online actions that could be taken to generate further engagement for the DC superhero line-up. Eight different actions were identified in total such as watching DC trailers, visiting the Village website, and following the Village Facebook and Instagram page. Once the primary goal of data acquisition was completed, fans through the Peazie platform were prompted to take one these actions such as watch a DC TV trailer in exchange for extra entries to win. They were allowed to take advantage of as many actions as they liked, with each action being tracked and reported on.


The promotion was a hit with superhero fans around Australia with many thousands of people visiting the competition page and entering. Allowing fans the option to choose their favourite DC console lead to a higher conversion rate, with over 53% of fans who visited the competition entering.

The ‘Extra Entry’ option was the huge secondary win for this campaign. Three out of every four fans took an action to earn extra entries. This increased the engagement for the launch with DC trailers being watched, online stores visits and social page followers just to name but a few.