Win with WYZA


WYZA is one of Australia’s favourite digital publishers for people over 55. While there are plenty of content provides catering to younger demographics, WYZA has been fulfilling the online content needs of the older generation,covering topics such as travel, entertainment and lifestyle, and had developed a highly engaged audience.


The challenge for WYZA was to devise a marketing campaign to best leverage this audience, specifically with the objective of database acquisition for themselves, and also their advertising partners. In addition to traffic generated from the website, the current WYZA EDM database was a sizeable owned audience. Therefore the campaign needed to also strategise how to recruit the friends from these already engaged subscribers.


The right competition or promotion can be a very effective way to grow a database. WYZA had tried these in the past without delivering huge successes. Fortunately creating high converting competitions and promotions are Peazie’s specialty.       


With the goal of growing the WYZA database (and leveraging the existing one), Peazie designed a campaign that be highly desired by these users, as well as something they couldn’t help but want to share with their friends.


Using the the incentive of a Luxury Holiday for 2 to Singapore (utilising WYZA’s partners at Singapore Tourism), the campaign was able to leverage its audiences travel aspirations. The incentive aligned with the target audience (older generation Australians looking to get the most out of life) and was a great way to co-market with existing partners.


Utilising the ‘Nominate for Entry’ mechanic, the campaign had a two step process:

  1. User’s would enter their details and nominate their friend.
  2. To complete the process the friend would follow a personalised link to the competition, and then enters their details to validate the initial entry.                 

This mechanic allowed WYZA to gain more qualified leads within it’s highly desired over 55 demographic, and achieve the campaign objectives of database growth.


Winning a luxury holiday for two was holiday for two was an opportunity that many could not resist. The competition attracted tens of thousands of entries with a conversion rate of 39.69%, meaning 2 out of every 5 people who visited the page entering their details.


The ‘Nominate for Entry’ mechanic further increased the reach of the campaign, lowering the price of acquisition, and allowing WYZA to effectively leverage their existing email database by incentivising them to nominate their friends.


The campaign effectively allowed WYZA to achieve its objective of database acquisition, the most important asset for any digital publisher, while also creating more opportunities for its advertising partners.