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Social media gives marketers more leverage than ever when promoting a competition. Organisations now have the ability to precisely target their audiences and present them with quite a compelling case for attendance complete with audiovisual advertising options and real time, two way communications. Here are some of the best modern platforms for promoting a competition.


Advertising on Facebook

As the number one social media network online with 1.5 billion profiles, Facebook is a must for any promoter. However, Facebook also allows promoters to drill down quite deeply into a niche audience using Facebook Groups and Pages. On Facebook, a promoter can set a budget and the target audience for a campaign with incredible detail, ensuring the highest ROI for the money spent.
Facebook also allows a promoter to build an audience organically based upon the success of an ad campaign. Not only can a promoter drive attendance for an individual event, but that promoter can also build a page of constituents that can be accessed directly, without any additional marketing spend.



Remarketing is a relatively new yet very popular technique that allows a promoter to “stalk” a potential customer online using the cover of anonymity. Remarketing actually ensures that your ads are placed on the other pages that a potential customer visits after leaving yours. This is a great way to follow up on people who bounce away from your website without purchasing a ticket to the event.
Remarketing is shown to save up to 90% when compared to other marketing techniques. Potential customers with initial interest but who do not convert simply need more time in some cases, and remarketing allows you to stay on their minds while they gather their funds, set their schedules, etc. Best of all, the ads are completely innocuous – they show up in the same places that ads normally show up on the pages that your potential customers visit. You also are relieved of the responsibility of following these people around the Internet – the algorithm does it all for you.


Email Techniques

As taboo as email may seem, it is still one of the most reliable forms of promotion available today. The response rate for email campaigns across the board is incredibly consistent. You can perform very precise calculations based upon your outreach, and you may even be able to predict turnout to a degree for potential investors to your company or sponsors to the individual event.
Emails are also more robust than ever. It is quite an easy thing to put in audio clips or video snippets alongside engaging text to draw attention to an event. You also have the ability to automate email campaigns more than perhaps any other type of campaign, meaning that you can set follow up emails to send themselves at a later date without using any additional manpower.


Social Influencers

Social media has bred many popular characters who cultivate their own audiences. In many cases, engaging the “social influencer” gives a promoter access to an entire audience. The social influencer is known for his or her discernment, and a word from that person usually carries more weight than a traditional ad. Some forward thinking companies are even inviting social influencers to host or MC competitive events, bringing attention to the event through the performance of the host.