According to Redshift Research, a terrifying number of small businesses have yet to embrace digital marketing. Nearly 60% of small businesses don’t even have a website. Feeling their business is too small to justify the time and cost of setup and maintenance.

Although this is a terrifying thought, the reality is unsurprising. In reality, outside of the digital bubble, few businesses really understand digital. Who has time to regularly update blogs, post to Instagram and Facebook, or Tweet 5 or 6 times a day? More to the point, who has time to worry about their website’s SEO, or if their social presence embodies the right “brand voice”.

The truth is, most small businesses are too busy… doing business. This is totally understandable given the overwhelming array of obstacles and considerations. But the good news is things are changing and getting ‘digital’ is becoming much more accessible and affordable.

Whether you’re a big brand making waves, or one of the many small businesses trying to take the first step toward digital success, here are the 3 key pointers for your digital marketing health check.


Are you Mobile?

When it comes to websites, the majority of small businesses should focus more on building a mobile presence, instead of a desktop website. Sure, many consumers still access the web through desktop computers and laptops but the move to mobile is increasing exponentially.

Google also uses “mobile friendliness” as a significant part of their search-ranking algorithm. So focusing on a mobile friendly will also impact your search ranking. Easy win!


Are you Social?

Over 2.1 billion people across the world have access to social media accounts. So chances are, whether you realise or not, at least, a few of your customers use social media in some way.

Yet for many, social media represents an intimidating and unnecessary challenge, and is often overlooked. But as society becomes more digital, so too does communication and social interaction. Businesses can no longer rely on passing trade or local word of mouth as social media has taken its place. Giving consumers more power and choice than ever.

The key to social media is to listen to your audience. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to plunge hours into creating bespoke content for every platform. Instead, spend a little time figuring out where you can add value to existing conversations, and join them. Focus on building a presence that is valuable for both your business and audience.


Are you Human?

Finally, the most crucial consideration for your digital presence is humanity. Though it may seem counterintuitive, people don’t want brand perfection. People want people. Authenticity is more than a mere buzzword in the digital marketing sector; it’s crucial to success in the digital space.

The beauty of it is it’s free. You don’t need to pay a copywriting agency to write word perfect social media posts. You don’t need to pay a photographer to post crafted and composed shots to Instagram. Every spelling mistake, every blurred photo, and every opinionated tweet creates a relatable business. In a world of computing and technology, we strive to find a human connection. We are all human; so don’t be afraid to act like it!


Over to you!

Building a successful digital marketing presence relies on the community that rallies behind your business. Whether you’re a huge, established brand with hundreds of employees, or a sole-trader who has never done any marketing before; with communities moving to digital spaces, it’s now more crucial than ever that your business exists online in a relatable, accessible, and human way.