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perfecting your promotion

6 KEY takeaways from ‘Perfecting your Promotion’

A couple of weeks ago Peazie had the pleasure of presenting at the ‘Perfecting your Promotion’ event held by our friends at Plexus. It was a great turnout with many insights into how to leverage data to improve your promotions. For everyone who couldn’t make it here are the top 6 key takeaways from Peazie’s presentation:


1. Lead with the benefit

“Win XYZ” (what you win) should be your headline act, not “Buy XYZ” (the behavior you want to change).

Peazie has run thousands of campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing headlines for a promotion. Clearly stating what a person will be gaining from entering the competition always works a lot better than using a headline that states why you want them to enter your competition. Remember everyone’s favourite radio station: WiiFM (What’s In It For Me)


2. Simple entry mechanics

Remove as many barriers to entry as possible. Do NOT run games of skill. You can ask for more effort or data from a consumer, but make it simple and fun otherwise your audience will ‘bounce’.

This is very simple to understand, the more barriers and friction there is to someone entering your competition, the less likely they will enter it. Our job as marketers is to design a promotion that removes as many barriers as possible.


3. Perceived attainability outweighs total prize pool

Counter intuitively, 10 x $10 performs better than 1 x $1,000… And instant win out-performs grand prize draws every day of the week – because we humans are impatient.

Having a large grand prize drives a lot of attention for a promotion, however we have examined the data from running thousands of campaigns and it consistently shows offering multiple smaller prizes actually gets more conversions. Reason being when people think the odds of winning is in their favour they are a lot more likely to enter a competition


4. Decide what’s more important – quantity or quality

Whilst cash drives the highest quantity customer acquisition, an incentive that is only of value to a good customer will drive better quality customer acquisition. If possible, measure the quality of your acquisition in real-time and optimise against it.

We have tried many different prizes over the years, we know cash works well with a mass audience. The freedom of choice that cash brings leads to a higher conversion rate. However when working with a niche target market, choosing the right prize, that is highly valued by the entrant will give them the incentive needed to supply their personal information to enter the competition.


5. Measure everything and optimise

3 banner ads targeted at 3 different audiences driving people to 3 pages = 27 campaign variants. Without exception, One of those variants will work MUCH better than another. Tech has made this level of real-time optimisation easy.

One of the biggest advantages of being a marketer in the digital age is that there are multitude options for advertising platforms. Platforms such as Facebook and Google Display Network allow great targeting, great reach, and multi-variant testing options. Ads should be tested, measured, and then optimised for ultimate performance to drive the best quality of traffic to ensure a highly successful campaign.     


6. Repeat your successes

Again, modern tech has enabled us to step-and-repeat great promotions. As marketers, we also know that frequency drives recall and saves us cash – so if you can avoid building a new promotion, step and repeat an existing success.

The reason Peazie can give any business a competitive advantage is that we have collected data on every single campaign we have conducted. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and you can be rest assured any campaign we create for you will apply the latest in data-driven promotion design.



Connecting Online To Offline In-Store

With the number of smartphone users forecast to reach 2.08 billion by the end of 2016, it’s no surprise that almost everything digital has become trackable; From a “like” on a Facebook page to an open of a subscription email. Data rules, and as a result the marketing world has seen an incredible shift.

We’ve gone from the spray and pray tactics of yesteryear, to targeted and sophisticated calls to action on an individual level. Instead of trying to capitalise on footfall, the focus has shifted to growing targeted digital communities.

Building engaged audiences on digital platforms has never been easier. However, integrating digital promotions with a brick and mortar store is still a huge concern for most modern B2C marketers.

While most of us know the importance of thriving digital communities, many also fail to address the huge disconnect between online and offline campaigns. So, here are a few ways to inspire you to connect online campaigns with your brick and mortar stores!


  1. Digital Vouchers In-store

Peazie know there’s an issue connecting online and offline campaigns and have come up with our own solution. This has recently resulted in the development of a new competition mechanic. One that incentivises smart device competition entries by offering in-store discount codes. Using this mechanic in conjunction with competition campaigns encourages footfall to brick and mortar stores, while also tracking which customers redeem their vouchers. See the recent write up about it here!


  1. Geo-location Triggers

No discussion around online-offline marketing would be complete without at least mentioning geo-location. There are tonnes of ways digital geo-location can improve marketing campaigns – from tracking consumer movement around a store and highlighting the area with the highest traffic, to triggering promotional messages when a customer is nearby, or even in a specific aisle. A great example of this is when Pizza Hut sent promotional messages to potential customers within half a mile of one of their locations. Fun fact, Pizza Hut reported the campaign was 2.6 times more effective than standard display ads.


  1. Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has been making waves in the marketing world. As a social platform, it’s no surprise the app has a keen focus on live events, but by far one of the most interesting functions for marketers is in Geofilters. Now, you can rent a specific location for a period of time, and use a custom Geofilter – a designed overlay added to snaps – to advertise your brand. As an advertising tool, the function is still in the early stages but highlights a giant leap forward in reconciling the divide between location-based campaigns with digital content. Learn more about it here!

There is so much interesting and super exciting innovation happening in this space right now. So we hope this post helps you sound smart(er) at parties! Good luck and don’t forget to keep up with the Peazie blog!


Why Image Upload Competitions?

There are heaps of competition mechanics that can make your campaign deliver amazing results. Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than any other content. So it makes sense that you’d want to hop on board and run your first image upload competition and boost brand engagement.

If you’ve never run an image upload competition before, it can be difficult to know what to expect. How will you know if you’ve succeeded? What is the right metric to track? And most importantly, will it meet your campaign objectives?

So here is the lowdown on image upload competitions, to get you started off on the right foot.


Image Upload Competitions – to show or not to show?

If you’re looking to engage your fans, and generate heaps of amazing visual content around your brand, image upload competitions are perfect.

The standard image upload competition is, more often than not, reliant on a skill or entertainment factor. Sure, you might get some chancers in there, but you’ll also generate visually stunning, shareable content, that can significantly boost brand engagement. What’s more, as the entries are ‘skill based’ instead of an instant win, or random draw competition mechanic, there is no requirement for a legal permit.

Image upload competitions are also perfect for nurturing, engaging and re-engaging your customer community. In particular, competitions with a gallery of entries can be a great way to narrow your entry pool to people who are already engaged with your brand, or have been engaged in the past. If you value depth over width, image upload competitions are a great way to identify and drive entries from those who are are highly engaged with your brand.

But if your objective is not depth, and you are hoping to generate leads, image upload competitions are probably not the right call. Chances are you could increase your conversion rate by 4x by swapping your image upload mechanic for an instant win.

Rewarding this natural sharing behaviour helps you cast a wider net. Sure, campaign reach is by no means the decisive metric. But having a bigger pool to fish from can have a significant positive impact on the number of conversions your campaign yields.

Over to you!