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4 Classic Ways to Use Customer Data

Here at Peazie, we’re a big bunch of data nerds – we LOVE it. We use insights from the data we have collected from running thousands of campaigns to continuously create high converting promotions for our clients. We also strategise what type of data our clients should be collecting from their promotional landing pages in order to achieve the best result.

You may already have some great data that you are not taking advantage of. All of those names and addresses that you have sitting in your database are actually a treasure trove of information that you should be using to expand. Here are the top four ways that the random customer data that you accumulate without even trying can help you.



The data that you collect can help you to create a more personalised experience for your customers. Your customers will spend around 13% more money with you if they feel closer to you, a study by Infosys shows.

Creating a buyer profile from customer data allows you to create personalised recommendations for your best customers and provide geo-targeted promotions on the mobile platform.


Offer Customisation

If you already know who is buying from you, then you can customise your loss leaders specifically to their needs, following closely in the footsteps of top enterprise companies who are already doing this such as HP. Your most loyal customers are the ones who deserve the most customised offers anyway, and their data is the key to creating that offer for them.

If you have real time data, you are in a privileged position. You will be able to watch your targeted promotions move directly to the channels that work best for that audience. Watch your engagement and conversion rate soar as you directly answer the call of your most loyal clients.



In today’s highly competitive and instantaneous market, each iteration of your products must outperform the last. Your customer data can speed up the feedback that you get on your current product line, allowing your R&D to move more quickly in the direction that your customers demand.

If you apply the proper analytics to your customer data, you will be able to specifically identify the products that your clients will pay for, as well as the price point that will maximize the effort for you. You can direct R&D in a way that focuses on improving the most salient aspects of your products.



Your best prospects are always moving between channels, and your customer data is the best way to follow them. You will be able to more closely monitor the journey of a prospect that becomes a customer, focusing more of your efforts on the campaigns that were most effective for you.

Customer data also allows you to find the behaviour patterns of your highest value clients. With this information, you can take full advantage of Pareto’s 80/20 rule (you get 80% of your profits from 20% of your customers), reducing your marketing costs while improving your ROI.

This list is only the beginning, make sure to contact Peazie to learn how to create a promotion that captures the right type of data, from qualified leads, to help you achieve your business objectives.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Event Marketing

In a nutshell, event marketing is when a brand hosts, sponsors, or takes part in some form of offline or online event, exhibition, or presentation. Here at Peazie we love event marketing, this year alone we have sponsored many events such as Mumbrella360, and the Rakuten Marketing Symposium just last week. These events have been a great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, amazing brands, and create relationships for years to come.  


Event marketing is so powerful because they offer brands the ability to meet often huge numbers of high-quality potential cliental with the hope of making a lasting impression, and building a strong foundation. Traditional advertising takes a more “spray and pray” approach, often sending a general message to millions of consumers via wider reaching methods such as billboards, magazines, and television commercials.
The benefits of event marketing, cover every aspect of the marketing process, from brand awareness through to sales, and even retention. So, no matter what your goals are with your marketing strategy, chances are event marketing can significantly increase your chances of hitting your targets. Here are some of the biggest benefits of event marketing.


1. Brand awareness

Hosting, sponsoring, or even simply taking part in an event places your brand in front of a primed, high-quality, often purchase-ready audience of consumers. Sponsors and hosts can obviously benefit from a hands-off approach as their brand identities are often plastered over the event paraphernalia, and sales representatives can also benefit from the increased exposure by taking the opportunity to network in a more natural, “in-person” environment.


2. High quality lead generation

All marketing roads lead to sales, even those with noble intentions. Of course, we all want to “provide value”, and “build trust in our communities”, and at the end of the day, the overall goal of marketing is to generate more high-quality leads, with significant potential to turn into sales. Without leads, there are no sales, and without sales, there is no business. The vast increase in brand awareness offers an equally vast increase in the number of potential leads. Unlike traditional advertising methods, the leads generated by events are, more often than not, significantly higher quality, consisting of like-minded people, or consumers who have actively sought out your brand.


3. Build long lasting relationships

By far the biggest benefit of event marketing is that it has the potential to introduce your brand to a vast audience of eager clientele. The audience in event situations has already chosen to engage with your brand, so rather than talking at them, like you would with traditional ads, events offer the opportunity to have valuable, in-person conversations.
Trust is the most important asset any brand can build with their potential, and existing customers. Above all else, if a client trusts your brand over another, there is a significant probability they will choose you. Event marketing offers the opportunity to build trust in your brand, and can result in significant, long-lasting relationships.

4 Evergreen Tips - Tips & Ideas

Digital Marketing – Our Top Tips

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. So much so, it often feels like as soon as you start making progress with one area, a new one shows up.

So if you’ve ever felt pressured and stressed by the sheer speed that Digital Marketing changes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact according to AdWeek, 80% of us feel like we’re “Overloaded and Understaffed” – though that same number also love their work! We’re a strange breed after all!

Although the landscape is unstable, focusing on a few key areas can help you find your way through, and make the digital marketing world a lot easier to deal with. Here are our top 4 top tips to guide you through the digital marketing landscape.


1. Be authentic


We seem to spend a lot of time talking about the importance of authenticity when it comes to branding and marketing, though many brands and small businesses seem to have this notion that ‘authenticity’ and having a voice only applies to individuals. It doesn’t. Particularly in today’s marketing landscape.

People buy from real people. As a brand, being real and authentic is as simple as having a voice, having an opinion, and acting in ways people expect your brand to act. In ways that align with, and reinforce your brand purpose, vision and values.


2. Value > Promo


Believe it or not, nobody likes being ‘sold’ to. In fact, according to Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group and Author of The Content Formula,“Straight promotional content simply doesn’t work. We ignore it and have become amazing filters of any content that is trying to sell us something.”

Offering valuable, actionable advice and tailored promotional content not only helps build trust in your brand, but it also positions you as a thought leader in your space.


3. Engage to boost engagement


Interactions and engagement are some of the most commonly tracked KPIs in digital marketing, covering everything from engagement on social media, or comments on blog posts, to message and email replies.

If you struggle to drive engagement through digital marketing, try engaging with your fans and followers. Share, like and comment on their posts. Add your voice and opinion and be present in their conversations. Nothing drives engagement like engagement!


4. Engage and reward communities


Arguably the most important aspect of modern digital marketing is community engagement. It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, without an engaged community you are doomed to failure.

One of the biggest failures when it comes to community engagement boils down to simple recognition. Engage with your active community, reward the ambassadors and active members, and recognise the energy they place into your brand.