Top 4 Design Resources - Tips & Ideas

We understand that sometimes its all about how you look. We also understand that marketers don’t always have the time or the resources to produce something visually stunning. Before you open up Paint, check out these great design resources.



By the beard of Zeus, that’s A LOT of iconsFLATICON’s enormous database of wonderfully designed icons is useful for any situation. We suggest having a look at their ‘Social’ category. Here’s a tip for you, if you ever need to save on some precious space why not replace a link to your Facebook page with an icon. That way you’ll save up on some space on your blog or EDM for more content. Setting up an account takes only but a few minutes so you can immediately start picking which icons you’ll be needing.



We’ve spoken plenty of times on on how awesome CANVA is to those artistically-inclined. You can go HERE to get a rundown on its basic capabilities and what it means to marketers. Dont miss their newest feature, Infographic Designer. With CANVA’s easy to use tools along with its newest infographic designer, I don’t see why you won’t be producing awesome infographics for all to see. Start creating something fancy that’ll make your fourth grade art teacher proud.



FREEPIK is another library full of graphic resources. Not only do they provide a fully fledged stock image library but they also have numerous design templates for just about any type of website. Take a look at their website templates and marvel at some of the strikingly designed templates that can really give some extra flair to your website.



UNSPLASH is unlike most stock image libraries out there. The photography feels more personal and intimate. It’s user submitted high resolution photography photos and its nothing short of beautiful. All of the images are wonderfully shot and vary from picturesque landscapes to the occasional portrait. Useful when you’re in need of a backdrop or a photo to accompany a post. It’s awe inspiring photography may be that one attention grabbing element needed to really captivate your audience.


Its good to know that if your ever in a bind these design resources can be a lifesaver. While these resources and tools won’t ever replace a fully fledge graphic artist, its nice to know theres plenty of resources to help out, even just a little bit.