Virality & Performance

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We’ve developed a suite of tested conversion mechanics that make your media spend go further through incentivising sharing, referrals and social virality.

Organic reach is dead and earned media is a space that’s getting more hotly-contested by the day. Everybody’s looking for the next viral sensation, but luckily you no longer have to wait for your toddler to get back from the dentist to send the viewcount skywards.

The addition of a Peazie social virality mechanic to your promotion can increase conversion volume by up to 20%. In reality, this means that if you’ve achieved 10,000 competition entries via paid media channels, the inclusion of a mechanic like “share for an extra entry” means you’re actually bought 12,000 leads for the same price. This of course results in a lower CPA and a happier budget-holder.

These mechanics are fully customisable too, which means it would be totally possible to run a competition where your entry wasn’t valid until you got 5 mates to sign up too.

The best part is that we’re tracking who’s sharing what, as well as who’s converting attracting the most viral conversions. It’s all part of the grand plan to deliver our clients with the most wholesome data available.

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