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If you’ve paid attention to the marketing world over the past few years, you’ll probably have heard all the talk about the rise of influencer marketing. Social media Influencer marketing is huge, and according to a variety of sources, around 60%-70% of marketers have even suggested they’ll be boosting their influencer marketing budgets in 2016.

So with all this excitement and energy around it, how can we know what impact influencers actually have on our campaigns?

Here are some helpful tips for getting involved in the influencer marketing game:

Track, track, and track some more

If you want to measure the impact an influencer has had on your campaign, the first step is to be tracking everything. Looking at the before, during, and after data might seem like a fundamental step, and it is. Which is why it’s surprising when marketers overlook it.

Know your purpose from the start

Knowing what you want to achieve with both your overall marketing strategy and your influencer marketing campaign, is the only way to put a measure of success in place. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want more leads? Or do you simply want to grow your audience?

Disregard the vanity, unless it’s relevant

The bigger social media has become, the more consumer-focused vanity metrics have seeped into the marketing world. Likes, shares, followers, and favorites are often misused as measures of success on marketing campaigns. Although these metrics can sometimes indicate audience affinity, they are easily gamed, and should only be used if they are absolutely relevant to your objectives.

Check your influencer’s data

Social media influencers are usually not exclusive to your brand. Chances are they are working with several top brands, a couple of smaller names, and then there’s your brand. To see how well your influencer is doing with your brand, check out what they are doing with others.

Bonus! Here are a couple of top influencers marketing campaigns to inspire yours:

Shonduras – Taco Bell

Brands using Snapchat is a growing marketing trend that is erupting in 2016. Taco Bell saw the value in the platform long before most other brands. They soon enlisted the help of the rising Snapchat influencer Shonduras, inviting him to their HQ to create a brand new burrito, for one of his many creative Snapchat stories.

See an example HERE!

Casey Neistat – Nike: Make it count

When Nike asked YouTube sensation Casey Neistat to help them with their Make It Count campaign, the filmmaker did just that. The resulting video depicted Neistat with his friend Max, using Nike’s budget to travel the world. The video has been viewed over 19 million times since 2012.

See a video for the Make It Count campaign HERE !

Thanks for reading and good luck!