• 1 Drive increase of in-store sales
  • 2 Create stand-out in a competitive marketplace
  • 3 Capture useful consumer data
  • 4 Reward loyal customers
  • 5 Create a fun, engaging and shareable experience


Peazie created a visually compelling ‘design your own lunchbox’ campaign that consumers were directed to via an on-pack promotion.

Anyone could design a lunchbox, but only those who uploaded proof of purchasing 2 blocks of cheese were able to go through the payment gateway to pay postage to receive their free personalised lunch box.

Each of the entries were uploaded into a moderated gallery, meaning only designs appropriate to the Bega Cheese brand were showcased and ultimately printed.


  • On-page conversion of 69%
  • 66,000 lunch boxes designed
  • 20,000 of the lunch boxes designed were from referral traffic – this was highly shareable
  • 27,000+ lunch boxes ordered in a less-than-12-week period. Meaning 54,000+ blocks of cheese purchased!
  • Data capture on many thousands of actual customers who were previously unknown to Bega
  • Customers rewarded with a personalised digital experience and a physical gift

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