• 1 Capture data on women in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, when mums-to-be are most likely to make major purchases, such as choosing a pushchair.
  • 2 Move away from relying on social media targeting of pregnant women, which is costly and the women are often bombarded with advertisements
  • 3 Ensure that data is completely up-to-date, reaching these women in this small, but critical, time-frame is worth thousands to Cybex


We created a “nominate a pregnant friend for a pre-natal massage” campaign.  The primary entrant was invited to describe why their pregnant friend deserved a treat. They then received a unique sharing link to pass on to their pregnant friend to “accept their nomination”. When the pregnant friend followed the link, they were presented with the primary entrant’s lovely message and an entry form, which along with the chance to win the massage, incentivised them to share their data.

Traffic was driven to the campaign via social media advertising to 25-38 year old women, and to their existing email database.


  • Over 1,000 entries in a 6 week window
  • Significantly lower media spend than targeting pregnant women directly
  • Increased brand credibility; a brand message sent via a friend, is far more valuable than a message from the brand itself
  • Great use of existing database, having contacts which may no-longer be pregnant themselves (and so are no longer a hot lead for Cybex) recruit in fresh leads

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