• 1 Grow the brand’s email database with new, high-quality GDPR-compliant leads
  • 2 Create brand awareness for the annual Screamland Halloween event
  • 3 Leverage an engaged community of brand advocates to recruit like-minded people
  • 4 Reward and excite Dreamland’s existing database and re-seek GDPR contact permissions in the process


Peazie built an enter to win campaign.. . with a twist!  Entrants are only entered into the draw to win Screamland prizes if they also successfully recruit a friend to enter too.

The promotion was run on a Screamland branded microsite, which Peazie built to Dreamland’s strict brand guidelines.  We also delivered all the associated promotional assets needed to drive traffic to the campaign (such as Facebook banners, email marketing headers, Instagram story posts + more)

The incentives we recommended weren’t expensive, or difficult to secure. In this instance, Dreamland gave away an “RIP experience” (a Halloween themed VIP experience), as well as 20 pairs of unlimited ride wristbands. The headline prize grabbed people’s attention, while the high-volume, lower-value runner-up prizes improved the perceived attainability (which in turn increases entrants).

Brands are often deterred from running promotional activity by thinking you need to spend thousands on big ticket prizes like cars and holidays. In reality, the incentives that drive the best engagement and high quality leads are those directly relevant to the brand and their target audience, and this campaign proved that.

In terms of driving traffic to the microsite, the first thing we did with Dreamland was to take stock of their owned reach. They’ve done a fantastic job of growing their engaged social channels and have a highly engaged email database. So, we recommended taking advantage of that free reach; publishing the campaign on their social pages and email marketing.  This resulted in many thousands of entrants, showing often happy customers and followers can do a better job of promoting your brand than you!

Leveraging owned reach to recruit in new leads on your behalf is the most cost-effective way possible of generating new leads.

Dreamland also supported the campaign with a modest amount of paid social media spend, boosting the post to their existing reach, and targeting people who met their customer profile.  These posts surpassed click-through expectations, and resulted in hundreds of new leads generated.


  • "We tested working with Peazie for our event, Screamland. We were bowled over by the results. Not only did we generate high quality, new leads but it was completely cleansed, GDPR compliant data. In addition, the GDPR compliance guidance we have received has been fantastic, they have kept things concise and clear which has been invaluable. We have now committed to further campaigns and are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with Peazie." - Katie Lipington, Head of Marketing at Dreamland Margate
  • 64% of unique site visits resulted in a form submission.
  • 54% of form submissions resulted in a GDPR-compliant opt in.
  • 37% of primary entrants successfully recruited a friend
  • Thousands of new leads added to the Dreamland database.

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