• 1 Create a fun and engaging promotion to coincide with the company’s Pancake Day celebrations
  • 2 Drive engagement for the Pancake Parlour’s menu
  • 3 Capture useful consumer data
  • 4 Create an experience that consumers are likely to share
  • 5 Build to a tight and immoveable deadline


Peazie created a slick and beautiful looking promotional site that let customers build their own pancake.

The winning design would have their pancake entry added to the Pancake Parlour’s menu, as well as receive year’s worth of pancakes. Aside from the major prize, also up for grabs were 50 ‘instant win’ prizes for entrants, creating a compelling reason for consumers to take part.

Each of the entries were uploaded into our moderated gallery, meaning only content in-line with Pancake Parlour’s family friendly tone was shared and voted on.


  • Unique on-page Conversion of 44%, nearly half of users who went to the promotion microsite entered the competition
  • Over 7% of the entrants has so much fun building their own pancake that they entered the promotion multiple times.
  • 2,400 unique entrants in just 6 weeks, meaning Pancake Parlour now have permissions to directly contact thousands of newly qualified potential customers
  • 600 visits to the promotion were from referral traffic – people were sharing this!
  • Based on the number of entrants and shares, it’s clear the objectives and offering a fun on-brand experience, that educated consumers on the menu, were met.
  • We delivered the campaign on a quick turnaround, meeting the immoveable Pancake Day deadline

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